Download the FIND Toolbox


  1. Matlab, any Version > 6.5.
  2. About ~10Mb Diskspace. Currently FIND contains approx. 1000 files.
  3. Neuroshare support for loading the "Vendor Native Data" requires a Windows operating system (DLL usage).
  4. Data-Analysis and Simulation Tools are platform independet.
  5. Documentation System uses the m2html package (see Mathworks Central).

Choose your Package:

  • FIND Toolbox release. From time to time we will release a new version of the FIND Toolbox. This package is considered stable and there are no known bugs.
  • FIND Toolbox weekly snapshots. Once per week we provide a snapshot of the FIND Toolbox. This is a fast way to access bugfixes - but the level of testing is lower than for release version.
  • FIND developers access. There you can get immediate access to the code repository. This bonus comes with a certain responsibility (at your discretion) for adding own code or fixing bugs. We suggest that only advanced Matlab users should consider this option.

By downloading you agree to the Terms of use described in the FIND-Licence. Please note: FIND comes without any warrenty, is free for scientific use and you are obliged to cite us and to cite the original publication of the method implemented (if applicable) as stated in the documentation of the functions.

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