An open-source analysis toolbox for multiple-neuron recordings and network simulations.
This is a Project of the BCCN Freiburg. The original project description can be found here Spike-Tools, Project B5 at the BCCN Freiburg.

Publication on the FIND Toolbox:
FIND--a unified framework for neural data analysis.
Meier R, Egert U, Aertsen A, Nawrot MP; Neural Netw. 2008 Oct; 21(8):1085-93.
Epub 2008 Jul 3. PMID: 18692360 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

FIND 1.1 release version is available

News and Events

  • Updates of new MCS libraries (version 3.4 - tested June 2012) available here.
  • Upgrade: MATLAB version 2009 and later do not accept DLLs. Therefore the mexprog.dll has to be replaced by mexprog.mexw32 or mexprog.mexw64. Further there is an upgrade to enable loading of MCS files under 64bit systems (the whole Toolbox FIND 1.1_64 or the most recent library nsMCDLibrary64.dll).
  • Currently we are working on LFP data tools that will extend FIND with new applications that are optimized towards recent technological developments in high resolution recording.
  • FIND spring cleaning: we are working on an inventory of FIND and will provide a detailed list of existing functions which are stand-alone and could be integrated in other systems.

The News - Archive

At a Glance: The FIND concept - a brief overview

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