FIND in action

Currently the FIND-Toolbox accommodates import of multiple proprietary data formats, based on the Neuroshare Project . Physiological data from different acquisition systems and Network simulations Environments can now be compared using identical analysis methods. This allows verifying of both results across experiments and laboratories as well as direct comparison of simulation results and electrophysiological recordings.

Currently supported Data-Formats are:

  1. Morrison A, Mehring C, Geisel T, Aertsen A, Diesmann M (2005) Advancing the boundaries of high connectivity network simulation with distributed computing, Neural Computation, 17 (8):1776-1801

Please note: All Neuroshare based import will work on WINDOWS ONLY!

Linux based data import is available for:

  • Meabench data.
  • Gerstein Data Format
  • A Linux loader for Multi Channel Systems files is "work in progress".
  • Data generated using NEST and PyNN
  • Spike2 files (Cambridge Electronic Design) with the help of the SON library provided by Malcolm Lidierth (King's College London)

Already implemented

Here we hope the beta-testers (A big thanks to all of them!) will help us to spot bugs.

  • Storage of Neural Events
  • Spike Detection
  • Spike Sorting - based on Klustakwik and own software
  • Unitary Events (see Gruen et al. 1999)
  • Nonlinear Analysis Toolkit (see e.g. Pereda et al 2005)
  • Spike Sorting Outlier Analysis
  • Enhanced parallel Point Process Simulation Environment
  • Multi Dimensional Scaling
  • Spike Train Metrics

Work in progess:

This is a list of things we are working on / thinking about. Your ideas / contributions are welcome. Parts are already available, some features might work as desired, some are still under development.

  • Data Segment Explorer
  • Analysis of Visual Stimulation Experiments (e.g. Spike triggered average, Spike triggered covariance ...)
  • Fast Data Viewer (non Matlab based)

The News - Archive

FIND - Finding Information in Neuronal Data: An open source framework for the analysis of neuronal activity data

  • Demonstration of the FIND-Toolbox at the INCF stand and Poster Presentation at the FENS FORUM 2008, Geneva 12.-16. July 2008:

Nonlinear interdependencies in epileptiform network dynamics revealed with the FIND toolbox using distributed computing

  • 1st RELEASE: FIND version 1.0 , Freiburg 1. May 2008
  • Poster at the SfN Meeting 2007 in San Diego: Characterizing Neural Network Dynamics: Analyzing Neural Activity Using the FIND Toolbox
  • The FIND-toolbox in teaching: Lecture during the BCCN / NWG Course on Analysis and Models in Neurophysiology, 01. - 05. October 2007.
  • Presentation of FIND at the BCCN-Meeting in Goettingen 27-29. Sept. 2007.

The Server with the FIND-Repository will be temporary not reachable between Mon 17th Sept. 2007 and Wed 19th Sept. 2007. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

We are happy to present the new wiki based website.

  • FIND meets CARMEN - 2007-05-25

The CARMEN UK project ( and the FIND-Toolbox evaluate the possibilities for "joining forces" during a (brief) visit in Newcastle and York. See also the CARMEN blog.

  • New website under construction - 2007-05-02

We are currently in the process of creating a new website for the FIND project. Please check for changes.

  • FIND on display - 2007-03-29

The first official FIND-Toolbox demo during the 7th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society 2007. Thanks to all visitors for the positive feedback!

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