Developers access

We are currently preparing conceptual changes which will affect the whole future development. Due to this we restrict the granting of new developer accesses until we will have adapted the sharing guidelines. Nevertheless you can share your tools during this period by sending us your programs directly. Because of the remodelling process it is not longer necessary to adapt new shared files to the internal FIND structure. Conventional m-files (or equivalents) are sufficient. Further benefiting from ongoing developmental progress is still possible by using our weekly snapshot service.

You feel you are more than "just a user" ?
Join us! You're welcome!

  1. Generate a SSL cryped password using "openssl passwd" on Linux or our Website CryptPasswd
  2. Send your SSL crypted password with a short note about what you are planning to do to FIND Support and we'll add you as an authorized user.
  3. Create a FIND directory, maybe in your MATLAB folder.
  4. Download and install TortoiseSVN for version managment.
  5. Now, right-click the FIND folder; in the menu there should be a sub-menu 'TortoiseSVN'; open it and click 'Checkout...'.
  6. Paste '' (without quotes) to 'URL of repository'; the current version of FIND will now be copied to your local directory.
  7. If you right-click on the FIND-Directory using the explorer you'll see a couple SVN options - Try UPDATE from time to time to retrieve the newest version.

Usefull links (Accounts needed):

FIND Developers Mailing List

FIND Bug Tracking System

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